Mary Roberts

Mad Dog Math PCLC Class Schedule Options: On Site: Wednesdays - 9:00, 10:15, 11:30: all three time periods are open to grades 1-5. Within each class period, students are grouped by first graders (Chihuahuas), second graders (Beagles), and third through fifth graders (Golden Retrievers); $330 per semester (includes flash cards and online game). There is an annual student fee for all students taking classes at Pacific Coast Learning Center. Some charter schools allow for this fee to be added to the cost of classes rather than being paid out-of-pocket by parents. If your charter agrees, you may add $100 per year to your purchase order to cover student fees. You may select this option when you register for the class. Payment Options: Charters, Venmo Mary-C-Roberts, Cash, Personal Check. Classes are non-sectarian and are available to the public with the ability to pay ‘out of pocket.’

Each multi-level class will be broken up into groups by grade level or ability. All students will move through the three stations (Teacher Station, Math Games Station, and Marcy Cook Tile Station) each week and will be mastering the facts at their own pace. First and Second graders will focus on the addition and subtraction facts while Third through fifth graders will concentrate on the multiplication and division facts.

In the 1980’s, American students were #1 in the world in math. Now our students are 35th of 71 developing countries. California students are ranked #48th in the US in math. We have lost a generation of students to math. That is why I am so passionate about teaching Mad Dog Math!

The foundation for strong math literacy is math facts mastery. It is the gateway to fractions, which in turn, is the gateway to algebra. Students who master their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts are better able to tackle higher-level math problems as they get older.

There are some tricks to learning the facts, but mostly it is by hard work, deliberate intention, and repetition that these facts are acquired. The tricks will be introduced and the Mad Dog Math system will be used in the classroom, as well as math games and Marcy Cook Tile cards to help students learn the facts.

Along with Math Facts Mastery, my goal is to make math easy and fun for students. If your child finds math frightening, laborious, discouraging, or is in need of acquiring the facts and moving from accuracy to automaticity (fast, accurate, and with very little thought), then this is the right class.